A quick way to kill nest worms

Nest worms are one of the most important pests of bees, mainly harmful to weak groups, not only in the spleen of the nest tunnels to eat wax, decay of the spleen, but also harm bee larvae and pupae, light affect the honey production and quality, serious bee colonies have to abandon the nest to fly, take a look at the method of quickly killing nest worms!
  一. Species definition
Nest worm is the larva of the wax borer, which belongs to the animal world, Arthropod, insecta, Lepidoptera, Borer moth family and the subfamily of the wax borer. The main pests to bees are the wax borer and the small wax borer, which not only eat wax through the tunnel in the nest spleen, but also harm the bee larvae and pupae, and even affect the honey yield and quality. In severe cases, the colony is unable to resist and has to abandon the nest and fly away.
  二, the process of harm
1, diving into the hive: wax borer generally appears in March to April, latent inactive during the day, female moths and male moths mating at night, the vigilance of the bee colony is not high at night, female moths after mating take the opportunity to dive into the hive to lay eggs, eggs are mostly produced in the gap or wax debris at the bottom of the hive.
2, larvae on the spleen: wax moth eggs after 8 to 23 days of incubation, the newly hatched larvae are flexible, not satisfied with eating wax debris at the bottom of the box, will try to drill into the nest spleen up, just began to protect the spleen workers will not obstruct, so the larvae will take the opportunity to drill into the nest spleen.
3, harm the bee colony: wax moth larvae in the nest spleen to eat wax, and harm bee larvae and pupae, at this time the worker bees feel the threat, began to bite the insect nest spleen, but it is too late, especially weak groups often because they can not resist and have to abandon the nest.
  三. Prevention and treatment methods
1, a small amount: there are a small number of nests in the hive can be manually treated, the specific method is to put forward the nest spleen of the nest insects, and then use tweezers and other tools to clip out the dead pupae, carefully observe the bottom of the nest, if there are hidden nest insects clamped out, so that most of the nest insects can be cleaned up, the rest of the worker bees to deal with, just frequently sweep the bee bottom wax debris.
2, medium quantity: When the hive has a medium quantity of nest insects, it is necessary to isolate and control, the specific practice is to mention the spleen of the nest insects to the hive side, and then separate the hive with the king board, and raise the empty spleen after all the young bees on the nest insect side, and spray insecticide after the nest spleen is not seriously damaged, and if the nest spleen is badly damaged, it should be burned.
3, a large number of hive when there are a large number of nest insects to change the box for spleen, the specific practice is to move the hive from the original position, put a new hive in situ, and then shake the queen and worker bees in the new hive, install the anti-escape tablets and adhere to the reward feeding to promote the rapid recovery of the hive, the original hive spleen all out to burn.
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