Beekeepers manage their colonies in early winter, when temperatures vary

Beekeepers manage their colonies in early winter, when temperatures vary

  In the early winter period, the temperature changes are very large, but outside there are honey powder source plants flowering, bees actively collect honey in the warm weather during the day, and a small number of strong bee colonies.

  Due to the changeable temperature in early winter, and the bees are still breeding and collecting honey, there are often three problems at this time: first, the seal of the hive is not good, and the cold wind blowing into the box causes the spleen to be frozen; Second, in the morning, low temperature bees out of the nest collection easy frostbite outside can not return to the nest; Third, when the weather is good, bees are prone to steal bees and fight to kill each other.

  First of all, beekeepers should do a good job of windproof beehives in early winter. The hives are all made of wood binding, with more or less gaps. The gap in the hive in winter has a great impact on the bee colony. Due to the ventilation of the gap in the hive, bees cannot properly maintain the temperature in the hive. Especially, the cold wind blowing into the hive in early winter will directly cause the stress response of bees, and bees will consume more honey in order to produce more heat. When the bees come out of the house to fly, the beekeeper will find a lot of bees crawling and jumping on the ground, although the wings are intact, but can not take off. The big reason is that during pupation, the cold causes stunting, and it is also a common low-temperature wing disease. Therefore, the early winter to check the hives, the hives of the gap plug, live frame feeding hives can be sealed with transparent tape, while closing the small nest door, conditional bee farmers can use rain cloth to cover the entire hive, can effectively reduce the impact of cold wind on the colony in early winter.

  In early winter, due to the low temperature in the morning, there is a honey powder source outside, and the collection bees that come out of the nest early are easy to get frostbite outside, so the beekeeper must do a good job of "controlling the flight" of bees. Flight control is to reduce the bees in adverse conditions to reduce the nest, the early winter morning will find that many bees due to cold, in the first time did not accurately into the nest door and fell to the ground after it is not easy to take off again, if the outside temperature does not improve, the bees are easy to die outside the hive. Of course, some bees may get frostbite during the collection process and be unable to fly back to the hive. So early winter flight control should be done two points: first, to keep the bees warm rather late than early. Second, do not let the hive sun all day, especially in the morning can not let the hive sun too early. The sun in the morning is easy to make the temperature inside the hive rise rapidly, then the bees will come out of the nest early, and the temperature outside the hive is not suitable for the bees to come out of the nest, the result is that the bees out of the nest a lot of frostbite, the hive outside will see a lot of bees pay on the hive, the ground is also a lot. Therefore, in early winter, the beehive also needs a sunshade, and the sunless beehive can be moved to the place where the sun can be exposed after the hot day in the morning, which can delay the bees' nest time and control the bees' nest well.

  The early winter weather is changeable, beekeepers should do a good job of bee colony management in time, the ultimate goal of management is to make the bee colony in the winter period to minimize losses. Whether it is to do a good job of windproof beehives, or to do a good job of bee flight control and anti-theft work, the final analysis is to let bees reduce the loss caused by these adverse factors. Let the bees can preserve their strength well, so that the spring can enter the spring more quickly, and expand the group to win the honey harvest.

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