How To Choose The Honey Extractor?

How To Choose The Honey Extractor?

     The honey machines on the market are mainly divided into manual and electric, radial and tangential.
    Manual is the need to shake the crank, time-consuming and laborious, it is better to catch up with the activity and buy an electric honey machine.
    The electric honey extractor is more convenient to use, does not require your own output, simple and easy to operate. Beekeepers usually buy two hives, and the first two years are mainly to accumulate beekeeping experience, and honey harvesting is not the main task. In the first two years, you can choose to borrow the honey machine, and it is more appropriate to choose to buy more beehives.
    Radial and tangential honey extractor can be distinguished by looking at the orientation of the frame and foundation, as shown below:

radial honey extractor vs tangential honey extractor

Radial honey machine and tangential honey machine comparison:
1:Price:Radial is more expensive than tangential.
2: Quality: The main difference between radial and tangential is the direction in which the frame is placed, so the materials used are the same.
3:Suitable for people: Tangential honey machine is suitable for a small number of beehives, mainly used for self-produced and self-marketing customers; Radial honey machines are mainly used in beekeeping factories.
4:Ease of use: Radial and tangential honey rockers are very simple to use, but both are not easy to clean. It is recommended that customers do not disassemble the machine when cleaning, which is very difficult to assemble.

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