How do bees feed sugar water in winter?

Adequate feed is a necessary prerequisite for the safe overwintering of bees. The reason is that during the overwintering period, bees not only need a lot of feed to survive, but also need to eat feed to generate heat to maintain the temperature of the bees. If the feed is insufficient during the overwintering period, the bees are easy to starve or die of cold.
  1:Feeding time
The best time for bees to feed sugar water in winter is 1 to 2 weeks before the overwintering period, when beekeepers need to supplement the feed for the whole overwintering period. Some beekeepers also feed the bees frequently during the overwintering period. In fact, this practice is not advisable, because the life span of the overwintering bees is negatively correlated with the amount of activity, and frequent feeding of the bees during the overwintering period will shorten the life span of the overwintering bees. In areas where the overwintering period is long, the overwintering bees may die out before the winter is over.
  2:Feed preparation
The best feed for bees is honey, but the cost of feeding bees to bees is relatively high, beekeeping production is generally used in white sugar, it is recommended to prepare syrup, the specific practice is to boil pure water first, and then add sugar according to the ratio of 1:1, such as white sugar completely melted after cooling can be used to feed bees, in the preparation of syrup can also add the right amount of vitamin tablets.
  3:Matters needing attention
  • bees must ensure that the nest feed is sufficient during the wintering period, because the overwintering bee colony not only needs feed to survive, but also relies on eating feed to generate heat to maintain the temperature of the bee colony.
  • bees should make up the feed before the coming of the overwintering period, and it is not recommended to feed the bee colony frequently after the overwintering period, because frequent feeding of the bee colony during the overwintering period will shorten the life of the overwintering bee.
  • bees during the winter period of insufficient feed to emergency feeding, the method is to make up for the colony at noon in sunny weather, but if the feeding is too frequent may cause the effect of reward feeding.
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