How do bees spend the winter?

How do bees spend the winter?
After entering the winter, the climate is cold, and the bees will go out in the external average temperature is higher than 10 degrees, less than 10 degrees in the honeycomb caking heating, so pay attention to the winter to keep warm, it is very easy to the bees cold death. So what should you pay attention to when keeping bees in winter? The small and medium-sized wasp generally can't find any threat to bee colonies, but in large and wasp lack of ingredients, usually dozens of large and wasp can destroy a swarm, so avoiding wasp is a key step in bee production, then how to avoid the wasp?

1. Prevent stolen bees

The most important thing to keep bees in winter is to prevent bee theft, because there is no honey source outside the base in winter. When bees steal honey from each other and attack each other, it causes huge damage to the bees, and when it is more serious, it causes the entire apiary to be wiped out. According to the size of the nest door, maintaining the stolen bee colony can also improve feeding, give the bee colony plenty of food, and avoid bee theft, but it should be noted that it is not necessary to say that the syrup drops outside the hive, will attract other bees to attack.

2:Cultivate winter bees

In winter, the queen bee's ability to lay eggs will be reduced, and the newly born bees will be lower and lower, and the bee colony will be slowly brittle. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately cultivate new high-quality queen bees, immediately replace the old queen bees, and restore the main production force of the bee colony. In addition to the queen, the worker bees are the key to the bee colony, which takes up the rearing and collection of all the bees, so it consumes a lot of energy, and generally dies after the early spring. Therefore, in order to prevent the main production force and fecundity of the bee colony after the spring bloom, a batch of worker bees should be cultivated in winter.

3, heat insulation solution

The average temperature in winter is low, and the temperature difference between day and night is very large, ultra-low temperature will immediately cold bees to death, but also harm the eating and vitality of the bee colony, under the ultra-low temperature standard, bees will eat a lot to raise their body temperature to resist the cold, which will lead to food consumption, so it is extremely important to do a good job in winter insulation and insulation countermeasures. In addition, honey sources should be eliminated in winter apiaries to prevent bees from dying immediately when they collect honey.

4. Plenty of food

Honey source is scarce in winter, bees will lose food materials to fill, will spend a lot of storage honey source, at this time must be artificial service feed.

The way to avoid wasp

1:Artificial service hunting
When the bee colony is damaged by wasp, if the total number is small, it can be killed by manual service attack according to the basis, and the beekeeper can wait for the apiary and kill wasp immediately. This kind of method is relatively simple, but time-consuming and laborious, the beekeeper must wait in the bee field every day, although it can very well alleviate the harm of wasp against bees, but only to overcome a small number of bees. If the total number of bees is too large, not only can it not have a very good actual effect of killing, but the safety of the beekeepers themselves will also be threatened.
2: Destroy the cave
Wasp not only has beehives, and the cave management scale is huge, so looking for beehives and removing or poisoning them is the best way to avoid wasps. After capturing wasp, tie it with a colored plate silk thread in its abdomen, abandon the homing nest at night, and look for caves by following the line. However, in the rush to destroy the cave, we must do a good job of safety protection, wasp is not better than bees, its toxic side effects are stronger, after stinging pain, swelling condition, one or two is good, the total number of more than one will be fatal, so solve the cave must be careful, careful, careful.
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