I want to become a beekeeper,What should I do?

Buy beehive strater kit?Buy bees?Buy beehive? NONONO

First,You need to determine if keep bees is possible in your city?

Second,Beginners Beekeeping Books:Beekeeping for Dummies.This book covers about beehives and beehive tools.The basics and tools are a necessity.

Third,there is no need to rush to buy beehives.Go to your local beekeeping association or YouTube to read more about the daily life of beekeepers.This helps you to understand the problems that arise during beekeeping.If you can find local beekeepers to follow them and learn to experience beekeeping life for 1-2 months this is the best!!!Beehives and beekeeping tools are not cheap, so don't waste your money. Even the cheapest kits are around $200.

Fourth,Joining local beekeeping groups on Facebook is generally a good place to start. Joining in on discussions within those groups will help you get a feel for who might make a good mentor. As far as qualities to look for, I would say that the top quality you want in a good mentor is patience. If you're just getting into the hobby, find a mentor who will take their time with you and go at the pace you feel most comfortable with. A good mentor should make you excited to learn more and grow as a beekeeper.Another good option (as you're searching for a mentor) is to utilize beekeeping companies to answer questions as you have them.The humble beekeepers are more willing to actually mentor rather than show off. Some YouTubers that I suggest are Paul Kelley of The University of Guelph Honeybee Research Center,Bob Binnie of Blue Ridge Honey Company.

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