Is beeswax lipstick harmful to the human body?

Beeswax is a fatty substance secreted by the beeswax gland, although the reputation is not as good as honey, propolis and royal jelly, but it is widely used in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, in fact, many beauty products have beeswax, such as lipstick, rouge, facial cleanser and so on. Let's take a look at whether beeswax lipstick is harmful to the human body!
  • Nutrient composition
  The main components of beeswax are esters, acids, alcohols and hydrocarbons, among which the esters include meliolein palmitate, meliolein palmitate, meliolein cerate, etc. The acids include ceroic acid, palmitic acid, xytar acid, etc. The alcohols include meliolein alcohol, ceryl alcohol, palmitol, etc. The hydrocarbons include 29 paraffins, 30 paraffins, etc., and still contain a small amount of vitamins, aromatic substances and minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium and so on.
  • Beauty principle
  Beeswax is the most common substance in the production of lip balm, thanks to the rich nutrients in beeswax have the role of nourishing and protecting the lips, with beeswax made of lip balm can keep the lip water from losing and can reduce the lip chapping, while beeswax also contains a variety of natural substances beneficial to the lips, in fact, many beauty products will beeswax as an effective ingredient to improve the skin.
  • Hazard statement
  Beeswax lipstick is not harmful to the human body. Beeswax is a kind of fatty substance secreted by the beeswax gland in the bee colony, in fact, clean and hygienic beeswax is completely edible, for example, honeycomb honey with honey to eat together contains a lot of beeswax, but it is not easy to chew and there is no taste.
  • Self-made method
  Step 1: Cut the beeswax into small pieces with a knife, put it in a container such as a cup and heat it to 60℃ after water, and add olive oil after the beeswax is completely melted (the ratio of beeswax and olive oil is 6:4).
  Step 2: Add 2 to 3 vitamin E (cut with scissors and squeeze into the solution) and 3 to 5 drops of pure plant essential oil to give the lip balm a light fragrance, then mix the solution well.
  Step 3: Pour the solution into the prepared lip balm tube or other small tubes before it solidified, and then make your own beeswax lip balm after the solution cooled and solidified into a solid state.
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