What is the difference between a trap hive and beehive?

What is the difference between a trap hive and beehive?

Trap Hive

  Trap hive is a special tool that people put in the field to entice wild bees to enter naturally. This kind of beehive requires strong corrosion resistance, and can not have odor. The function of beehiving is to lure wild bees into the hive, so we need to do some things to make the beehives more attractive to bees.
  Trap hives are mainly wood beehives, and plastic buckets. Plastic buckets are lighter than beehives.
How to choose a bee trap?
1: Color
Black is recommended for the bee trap.
2: How to deal with the bee trap?
Burn some old nests inside the barrel to get rid of the odors,brushing beeswax water and applying beeswax has become one of the important ways for people to protect the trap hive. The beeswax coated beehive has a subtle beeswax aroma, which can improve the success rate of people's beeswax. Because wild bees are more sensitive and like the smell of beeswax, the beeswax coated beehive is easier to attract bees to investigate. When a scout bee finds a hive, it will have an inspection period, and if the bees are interested and satisfied with the hive, they will come to the hive to set up home when they are not satisfied with the current residence or when they are divided. There's a swarm to lure the hive and we've succeeded.


  Beehive is the most basic equipment in the maintenance and management of the bee colony, and it is also the fixed place where the bee colony lives and produces honey, royal jelly, beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, bee venom, bee chrysalis and other bee products. The beehive is placed in the open air for a long time, withstands the wind, rain, sun, bees live and breed in it, store feed, so the beehive must be durable, uniform size standards, and its structure must conform to the living habits of bees. The box should be made of solid, light, non-deformable wood and fully dry.
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