Tips on extracting honey

Tips on extracting honey

Tips on extracting honey

1:A double sieve for filtering and a food grade 5 gallon bucket with a honey gate are both good to have for collecting your honey after spinning. If you have a bin for holding both already spun frames and frames waiting to be spun that can help cut down on the mess too. And do it all on a surface that can be easily wiped clean.

2:Check the water content of the honey. If there is too much water it may ferment.

3:This is a food processing operation, and you want to limit exposure to things like flies and dust and wind blown debris.

4:the floor and table covered with heavy Kraft paper, multiple layers. Outdoors would be nasty, all those bees coming to help.

5:Keep a pan of water with a rag handy to wipe hands and clean up little drips as they happen.

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