What are the taboos of novice beekeeping?

Beekeeping is a thorough technical work, technical beekeepers and no technical beekeepers are completely two different concepts, in fact, in addition to technology, there are actually a lot of things to pay attention to, especially for beginners should pay attention to, let's take a look at what taboos novice beekeeping has!
  • Do not covet the multitude of bees
  Swarm greed is the most common mistake many novice beekeepers make, always thinking that the number of bee colonies is high, or there are no large dozens of bees seem embarrassed to say that beekeepers, but they do not know that the total output of honey has no inevitable relationship with the number of bees to a certain extent, nor do simple multiplication, in fact, from the bees themselves, the strong swarm is the basis for high yield. No one has ever said that a number of colonies can be productive, some beginners reach 4 to 5 frames of bees will separate the swarm, the final result is a large number of groups, management is difficult, but can not see the benefit, it is a thankless thing.
  • Avoid adding spleen at random
  Adding spleen at will is a mistake often made by beginners, and even some old hands will make, it seems that the more spleen in the hive, the more powerful the hive, in fact, it is completely wrong, at any time there will be more problems, less bees and spleen in winter is not conducive to heat preservation, less bees and spleen in summer is not conducive to heat dissipation, for winter is not conducive to heat preservation many people may be better able to understand, Why is summer not conducive to heat dissipation? The reason is that when the summer weather is hot, the worker bees will fan to cool down, fewer bees and more spleen will inevitably lead to incomplete cooling, remember, no matter when the spleen is added, it requires more bees than spleen.
  • It's not advisable to take all the honey
  Taking honey is the beekeeper's harvest season, was originally a very happy thing, but many novices are not happy after taking honey, it was the bees escaped after taking honey, the bees don't run early and don't run late, but after taking honey, the reason is already obvious, that is, there is a problem with taking honey, is it not the bees will run after taking honey? Obviously not, otherwise there are people who keep bees, and the main reason why bees run away after taking honey is that you take all the honey, and you don't leave any food for the swarm, and if you are a bee, you also run away, because you will only die if you stay.
  • Don't use drugs carelessly
  Beekeeping is most afraid of encountering bee disease, but bee disease is also a problem that beekeepers can not avoid. The outbreak of infectious beekeeping disease can destroy a beekeeping farm in a short time. Some novices take drugs carelessly when encountering bee disease due to anxiety, which often causes big problems because the medicine is not right, and even the healthy groups that were not sick have become swarms. In this regard, the beekeeper, especially the novice beekeeper, should understand as much as possible about the symptoms and prevention methods of bee disease in his spare time, and do not worry about the drug when the bee disease occurs, first find out what disease the bee suffers from, and then the right medicine.
  • Avoid indiscriminate feeding
  Feeding of bees is a key technology of beekeeping, and whether feeding is correct is inevitably related to the development of bee colonies. Although there are many feeding methods for bees, the purpose of feeding can be divided into reward feeding and subsidy feeding. Reward feeding can stimulate the queen bee to lay eggs and stimulate the worker bee to feed, while subsidy feeding can provide the necessary material basis for the bee colony. Many novice beekeepers have no rules when feeding bees and feed them in a mess, but they do not know that this can not only promote the development of the bee colony, and may even bring a lot of negative effects.
  • Two Kings in one box
  Double king with the box is a relatively high-end beekeeping technology, many even the basic habits of bees do not understand the novice also like to study double king group, it seems that the double king group is a good bee, in fact, many times there is no need to engage in double king group, a group of bees can also reach more than 10 boxes of strong group, of course, it is not to say that double king group can not engage, But it is not suitable for beginners, in fact, the double king group is mostly formed in the winter and spring, and after the spring, it will be split into a strong and weak two single king groups, the strong group is used for production, and the weak group is used for continued breeding.
  Although bee farming requires a certain amount of beekeeping technology, no matter what beekeeping technology starts from the habits of bees, so it is best for beginners to observe and understand the habits of bees, and then manage the swarm around the habits of bees, and so on how to make no big problems after fully mastering the habits of bees.
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