How do bees do when they lose their bees in winter?

Bees belong to semi-hibernating insects, and the winter swarm forms a swarm in the hive and relies on eating honey to produce heat to maintain the temperature of the swarm. The lower the temperature, the closer the swarm becomes. At this time, there are two main factors affecting whether the swarm can successfully overwinter, one is whether the swarm is strong enough, and the other is whether the food is sufficient.
  • The loss of a queen bee

  Performance 1: During the wintering period, to determine whether the bee colony has lost its king, you can gently tap the hive with your hand. When there is a queen, the bee colony will make a rhythmic sound, and when there is no queen, the bee colony will make a chaotic sound.  

  Performance 2: Workers will still come out of the nest to collect in sunny weather during the wintering period, workers will suddenly come out of the nest to collect when there is a queen, and bees without a queen are rarely seen to come out of the nest.
  Performance 3: During the overwintering period, bee colonies will form clusters in the hive to resist the cold winter. When there is a queen bee, worker bees will form tighter clusters, and bees without a queen tend to form loose clusters.

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