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Worry-Free Purchase

Worry-Free Purchase

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Worry-Free Purchase

$0.98 USD

Get a full refund if your order doesn’t arrive as described, including loss or damage in transit.
  • Arrival delay: Claim for $5 if your domestic package is not delivered within 10 days since fulfillment (30 days for international package).
  • Damage: Claim for up to the full value of your purchase if your items are damaged in transit.
  • Loss: Claim for the full value of your purchase if your domestic package is not delivered before the 30th day since fulfillment (60th day for international package).
  • Worry-Free Purchase also includes carbon offsets for carbon emissions produced within the recipient’s destination country .
Visit Seel Resolution Center to easily resolve your package issues if any of the above happens.
Please note: Worry-Free Purchase is a value-added service offered by Seel. Please don't purchase it as a stand-alone item.

Shipping Policy

1:Under normal circumstances parcels are shipped by fedex,ups,usps;Free Shipping Within United States Except Hawaii , Alaska
2:If the number of orders purchased is the highest number shown on the product page, trucking is used.
Notes for trucking
1:We will ask for quotation from trucking company
2: Packing time is usually 3-5 days
3: order placed by appointment to the trucking company, the trucking company will arrive within 3 days; if it does not arrive within 3 days, another order will be placed;
4: If the truck has not been to the warehouse after two orders, use fedex express shipping;
5:The truck driver will arrange unloading, so you don't have to worry about unloading.
6:Sample product package

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beecastle hive credit card

Credit card payment issues

1:The website currently has 2 credit card payment methods, and the recipient recommends that customers try multiple times.
2:Transaction declined (limit exceeded) - Amount exceeds credit card limit. Not sufficient funds
The Solution:
1):Please make sure the credit card has sufficient funds.
2):Customers or service providers set a limit for each payment order, please contact your card issuer to inquire about the limit.
3):The bank system considers this order as risky or the order amount does not match the normal spending of the customer's account, and then rejects.Please contact your card issuer to inquire question.
4):Please make multiple attempts to pay at different times or change your credit card to pay.
5):If the payment has been unsuccessful or the amount exceeds $1000, please choose paypal.

Regular price $0.98
Sale price $0.98 Regular price
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