How Many Hives & Buy Bees & See The Bees


  Two hives of bees offers certain advantages.Having two gives you a basis for comparison. It enables you to borrow frames from a stronger colony to supplement a weaker colony. In some ways two hives double the fun.Of course, you’ll double your honey harvest!you begin with no more than two hives during your first year. More than two can be too much for the beginner to handle. Too many bees can be too time consuming and present too many new problems to digest before you really know the subtleties of beekeeping.

Don't forget to buy bees !!!!

  Don't wait until springtime to order your bees. Bees are in limited supply and available on a first-ordered, first-shipped basis. Avoid disappointment. Place your order very early. Ordering in October or November for delivery the following spring is not too early!Every year, you can see many people in the facebook group asking if there are any bees for sale !!!!

What time to see the bees?

  Ideally, open your hive on a nice, sunny day. Between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. is best. Under those conditions, thousands of busy worker bees are out in the field. Avoid cold, windy, or rainy weather because that’s when the entire colony is at home. With everyone in the hive, you’ll probably find too many bees to deal with, particularly when you’re just starting. In addition, the bees tend to be crankier when they can’t get out of the house! You know how that is.

Reference material:《Beekeeping For Dummies》

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