Ways to deal with hive beetles

Ways to deal with hive beetles Small Hive Beetles is one thing that really gets beekeepers upset, so we've rounded up some ways to handle it for your reference.

1: the best thing you can do for SHB is to have your hive in full sun. It makes more difference than all the traps out there. The bees in a strong colony in full sun can handle them.

2:spray a strong insecticide(used in horse stables) on the ground beneath the hives to kill the SHB larvae and break their life cycle.

3:oil traps, and sprayed a combination of white vinegar and pool salt underneath the hives. apparently that breaks the life cycle when the beetles lay eggs.

4:oil traps.This is one of the most common ways to do it, and you can just use some of the tools already made.But this does not break the life cycle, and eggs may keep appearing inside the hive.

5:Fleece works well.The fleece also is somewhat reusable.

6:There are also some people who make their own traps, and we share them with you.~I designed a special bottom board with holes in the bottom and jars that screw in. Screened lids keep out the bees and funnels trap the beetles and larvae inside. Pieces of bait comb with pollen and honey on short sections of bamboo sit above about an inch of mineral oil. The traps are working very well. Beetles, larvae, and even wax moths are drawn into them and away from the bees. I retrofitted all my hives with this system. http://imgur.com/a/3YTzK?(source from:beesource)

If there are other effective and useful methods, please feel free to leave comments.

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