What happened when the bees suddenly went to another colony?

Bee rush refers to the phenomenon of bee colony A running to bee colony B, which is caused by the fact that bee colony A no longer has the ability to survive alone. Simply put, it means that the whole bee colony runs to other bee colonies due to the loss of king or lack of honey, but other bee colonies will regard this kind of "friendly" behavior as invasion. Eventually, the two swarms fought and both swarms were devastated.
  • High incidence time
  Bees rush to swarm most frequently in early spring and late autumn, specifically the first nectar source period in early spring and the last nectar source period in late autumn. The reason is that some weak colonies that have just overwintered in early spring lack the ability to survive alone, while some weak colonies in late autumn do not have the conditions to survive alone. At this time, these weak colonies often rush to swarm to survive. In addition, the unexpected loss of royal bee colonies are also prone to swarm phenomenon.
  • End result
  Bee rush is a great disaster for both swarms. The reason is that the guard bees of the swarms will not easily let the swarms enter the hive, and the swarms will rush to the hive of the swarms regardless of everything. The result of rush is often a large number of workers of both swarms are killed, and if it is the queen rush swarm, only one queen bee is left. In the end, only a few wasps merge with the wasps to form a colony.
  • Treatment method
  The reason for bees rushing to the colony is that the rushing bees do not have the ability to survive alone. Therefore, workers should be timely supplemented for the weak colonies, the new queens should be timely intervened for the colonies that accidentally lose their king, and the colonies with insufficient feed should be timely supplemented manually. If the rushing bees have occurred, the queen should be protected first. Then the two colonies were artificially merged into one colony according to the colony merging technique.
  Summary: Swarm is actually the performance of bees to adapt to the natural environment, and swarm swarm is basically weak or lost colonies, but after the occurrence of swarm swarm is disastrous for both colonies, so in beekeeping production to actively prevent swarm phenomenon, have swarm to protect the queen and merge the swarm.
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